who am i?

Welcome / Bienvenides!

My full name is Priscilla Greco Torres (she/her) and I was born and raised in Mexico City. I am a daughter of a Mexican mother and an American father, both Musical Theatre performers.

I am a proud Biracial Mexican-American, who seeks to tell stories outside of stereotypical casting so that we can ignite change through art. 

I consider myself a dancer first. Dance was my first introduction to art; it has accompanied me everywhere and it has taught me so much about resilience and being in a constant state of growth. 

My life as an artist has been a dream simply because I have been able to perform since I was a little kid and I can't think of anything else I would rather do.

my WHY

To inspire authentic connection, 
so that together we can witness The magic of new beginnings 

my objectives

My mission as an artist is to inspire and reflect humanity in a way that everyone feels represented. 

I am working towards an industry that values growth, vulnerability, inclusivity and integrity. 

As a performer, I pride myself on being creative, a problem solver and a passionate storyteller.

Follow my journey!